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I reckon that if you had said to our friends ahead of our wedding that we wouldn't have been involved in any decisions on the actual day, they would have laughed at you! It is not really our style to step back! But we did, and that was because we were in such capable hands. Thank you for everything you did making the day go so smoothly. I can only imagine the rushing around that was going on behind the scenes, but none of it was obvious to us and none of it the cause of any stress. Isn't that what every married couple wants?! Your help allowed us to focus on a memorable and magical day and that is a huge gift in itself – thank you.
Lorna & Tom, married August 2013, Gloucester
Stewart and Green helped us go through the schedule for the big day in much greater detail than we would ever have thought of ourselves. Having their experience and attention to detail proved invaluable; it allowed us to pass the responsibility of making sure everything ran smoothly on to a professional - leaving us to just enjoy the moment.
Victoria & Tristan, married July 2013, Hampshire
Thank you so much for all of your help both in the run-up to and on our wedding day - it was genuinely invaluable. It was fantastic to know that we had someone so capable running our day, especially when the weather took a turn for the worse and we had to change our timetable!
Hannah & Niall, married June 2013, Bath
Stewart & Green were able to transform a concept into a stunning stage set. Last-minute requests were completed with friendly efficiency. The evening was a total success!
Terry Race, Events + Sponsorship Manager | House Beautiful Magazine
It was absolutely amazing to have you there running our wedding, it meant I totally relaxed and enjoyed every moment of the day and knew that every detail was being looked after in the background. You ensured our day was perfect and I can’t thank you enough!
Kat Cash (nee Bradbury), married July 2011
I SO enjoyed my daughter’s wedding, knowing that Stewart and Green’s capable hands made everything run very smoothly. They were extremely efficient, but kept the atmosphere happy and relaxed... and as ‘Mother-of-the-Bride’ I enjoyed every single minute of this happy occasion.
Pamela Mary, Mother-of-the Bride, May 2011
Natasha was absolutely indispensable to me when I planned my wedding. She had tonnes of great ideas on how to make my plans come to life and on the day itself she was so calm and efficient that I didn’t have a clue how many problems she had headed off until the day after. Richard and I were able to leave our wedding knowing that Tash and her team would look after all the guests, the caterers, the venue and all the decoration. We simply skipped off into the night and so she was worth every penny!!
Claire Pasquill, married August 2008, Dulwich College, London
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