Wedding Bundles*

This is your most important occasion but... there is so much to do before your Big Day in order to make it perfect; and not always enough hours in the day to get all of those jobs done.

You will be happily making decisions on all the aspects of your Wedding; and once they are made, you can hand the hard work over to us.

Here are a few ways in which we assist many couples with their planning and how we could help you.

You will have designed your invitation and mapped out where you want to write your guest’s name, and even what colour pen you want to use. We can then write out the remaining 100 invites and envelopes. You will have decided on who is sitting next to who; we will write out the place names and order them by table. Or tie ribbons on the Orders of Service... or make confetti cones... or research nearby hotels... or keep track of the RSVPs and dietaries...

Or perhaps all the different aspects of the day are a bit overwhelming and you would like us to write up a Running Order for your Best Man to follow, making sure nothing is forgotten.

We can help you in any way you like - just let us know how we can help make your planning easier.
*Minimum 5 hour booking